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Photo Gallery: The American Dream Tour

Check out photos of ISSUES and Bring Me The Horizon on their most recent tour they did called the American Dream Tour! Click here to view more.

Miss May I announces new tour!

Miss May I has announced they will be heading out on the Up Close and Personal tour to support the release of their fourth record, "Rise of the Lion", due out on April 28th via Rise Records.

Click HERE to see dates for the week long tour.

Watch the new Music Video for "Bones Exposed" by Of Mice & Men.

Austin posted a clip of the video on instagram and hinted that there would be multiple more music videos for songs off the new album, Restoring Force, in the future.

Photo Gallery: Bayside (Holiday Show)

Bayside put on a fantastic holiday show at the end of the December. It was a perfect way to close out the year. You can click here to view the photos of Bayside!

akissforjersey — New Bodies album review!


New Bodies is the long awaited, highly anticipated follow up to akissforjersey's 2008 effort, Victims. From the first few seconds of a whiny, high pitched guitar, it feels like the opening track War can go many ways. Bursting in with harsh vocals, the song almost literally reaches through your speakers and punches you in the face, forcing you to listen. This track highlights post-hardcore qualities that I haven’t heard since 2009, and I mean that in a very good way because if you can make me feel nostalgic you’re doing something right. War is a proper opening track as it makes you pay attention but also grabs you in melodically with the clean vocals. They aren’t your typical post-hardcore high pitched beyond belief clean vocals, in fact, they’re better for it. The alternative sound I get from the singing is refreshing for this genre and gives akissforjersey (akfj) a new depth.

The second track Revival opens up with an anthem like battle call, something similar to the beginning of Bones by alt-rockers Young Guns. AKFJ does a good job providing variety with their music. There’s no generic set structure to their music as each song gives a different feel. As each track finishes you’re left wondering how the next track will start and what kind of feeling you’re going to be hit with. Throughout the entire album I heard Melodic Hardcore, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal, just good Rock n’ Roll from start to finish.

I must highlight my two favorite tracks on the album, and they are my favorites on New Bodies for more than the simple reason that they are phenomenal songs. Widow/Maker and Everything New provide relief from the hard hitting songs that precede them. These are the two tracks on an album that you really like but probably won’t hear live because they just aren’t the right kind of songs to keep a crowd going. These two tracks also prove my points that AKFJ have a sense of variety musically, lyrically, and vocally and are why I think this album is phenomenal.

I give New Bodies a solid 9/10 because even though I love everything presented to me on the album my body tells me it is just missing that “it” factor… what that it factor is, I’m not sure. I still say this is an album you need to have in your collection.

You can purchase the album HERE.

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